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2-13-19: Into the Palouse

Weber Homestead

I was searching the web for an update on conditions near Mt Rainier, and found this: “SR 706 Both Directions – Closure on SR 706 both directions from milepost 0.0 near SR 7 (Mountain Hwy) in Elbe to milepost 13.6 near Mt Rainier National Park Gate beginning at 7:44 am on February 12, 2019 until […]

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2-12-19: Havoc in Morton

IMG_0560 e-mail

I drove some in the Lower Lewis R Falls area, getting as close as to the falls as I could. Was not able to find any good photos, so I turned back, went up I-5, then East toward Morton, hoping to get to Ashford and Mt Ranier NP. The skies are forecast to clear tonight, […]

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2-11-19: Fun in the Snow: Record Snowfall!


I’ve been in Lynnwood (Seattle area) since Friday evening (Feb 8). Not much to write about, but the national news had some interesting things to say: And this from the governor’s office: I had e-mailed a number of people on my Photo of the Day list a month before this trip, requesting prayer […]

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2-7-19: Cold Camping


Drove into Mt Rainier NP (natl park): the West entrance is the only access in winter. Was going to park where I did last year, above Narada Falls, and shoot Paradise Creek and area again, but the wide area I used for parking is now marked with several “No Parking” signs – it must be […]

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2-6-19: Copper Creek Road


Went first to Copper Creek Rd (an old logging road near the West entrance of Mt Rainier NP) and shot the creek from the bridge again. Last time, on Feb 11, 2017, while it had been snowing in the area, it had not fallen on that part of the creek, and I was amazed that […]

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2-5-19: A Great Day for Photos!

American River

Spent last night in the Yakima area, and planned to drive Hwy 410 toward Mt Rainier. I knew the road was closed and that I would not be able to get all the way to the Mountain, but I wanted to see how much of the road was open and hopefully get a view of […]

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