Crashing Wave
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Crashing Wave

Shore Acres State Park, Oregon (Black and White)
The cliffs in the background are approximately 45 feet tall (above the water) and the trees 40 feet or more tall.    Some of the crashing waves were reaching 20 feet or more above the tree-tops, which means the water was reaching over 100 feet in height!  Because of the strong winds and heavy wave action, the air was filled with a heavy mist that clouded the scene and muted the colors.  Therefore, I felt that the best rendering of the scene was accomplished by converting the image to black and white.
by Buddy Hawkins

Shore Acres State Park (card)

Crashing Wave
2013_10_01-1522 B&W RC

5" x 7" card with 4" x 6" photo, blank inside

(drops into a 5 x 7 frame as a matted print)

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