Mount Hood by Moonlight
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Mount Hood by Moonlight

Mount Hood, reflected in Lake Trillium, Oregon.  I arrived on the scene at approximately 4:00 am – that’s when the full moon would be directly overhead.  I was alone until another photographer showed up at about 5:00.  He was surprised to see me, but I told him that I was surprised that as beautiful as it was, there was not a crowd present.

It was bright enough to cast shadows on the ground and to see well without a flashlight, but not bright enough for a photo without holding the shutter open for a long time.  In this shot, the shutter was open for 6 minutes, causing the stars to appear as trails rather than dots  (stars will show as trails whenever the shutter time is longer than 30 seconds.)

by Buddy Hawkins

Mount Hood by Moonlight (card)

Mount Hood by Moonlight
2013_09_20-3076 RC

5" x 7" card with 4" x 6" photo, blank inside

(drops into a 5 x 7 frame as a matted print)

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