Toketee Falls, Oregon
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Toketee Falls, Oregon

Getting a good photo of Toketee Falls is a challenge because the viewing platform is so small.  If the platform extended outward (to the right) another ten feet or so, you could get a better view (and photo) of the upper falls.  I have actually climbed off the platform in search of a better angle, but it is built on a very steep slope (making it risky): and being off-platform puts one in a much lower position, which limits the view of the upper falls.

But the waterfall and the half mile hike to get there is well worth the time and effort.

by Buddy Hawkins

Toketee Falls, Oregon (card)

Toketee Falls, Oregon

5" x 7" card with 4" x 6" photo, blank inside

(drops into a 5 x 7 frame as a matted print)

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