Emerald Bay by Moonlight
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Emerald Bay by Moonlight

Lake Tahoe, California

After two days of snowing, the skies began to clear.  It can be difficult to make good photos on bright cloudless days: the light can be too harsh and the contrast too stark, especially with fresh snow on the ground.   But the soft light of a full moon can bring out the best in a beautiful scene.

The city lights in the center-right side of the frame is the town of Glenbrook, Nevada.  And the glow in the sky (very center of the image) is from the lights of Carson City, Nevada.

by Buddy Hawkins

Emerald Bay by Moonlight (card)

Emerald Bay by Moonlight

5" x 7" card with 4" x 6" photo, blank inside

(drops into a 5 x 7 frame as a matted print)

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