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2-20-19: Cape Disappointment, Washington


I first became interested in shooting the waves at Cape Disappointment after stumbling onto the work of this young lady: And plan to continue going back until I see and capture some waves of that size and beauty. The wave forecast for Cape Disappointment had been up and down for several days. I’m in […]

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2-18-19: Hoh National Rainforest


Out at 7:37; 33° with some ice/frost on the truck. Drove to and thru the Quinault Lake area of Olympic NP. Got a few photos – not likely keepers. It is a beautiful area, but I had an unremarkable day: just because a scene or area is beautiful does not mean it is photogenic. But […]

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2-17-19: East side of Mt Rainier


Hope to shoot more of the river this morning: expecting some sun, with better light. May go back to Hwy 410, but don’t know if I could improve on what I shot last time, except for the wide angle shots I messed up by not being set for Autofocus. On the way @ 7:15, 30°, […]

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2-16-19: On the Tieton River

N 46 40.5759 W 121 4.0274

Wanted a slow, easy day – no hurry to get anywhere or do anything. Got out at 9:25; 36° and moderate snow. Checked out Mineral Lake first: it was the lake I was looking for last year – can’t imagine why I did not find it then. A small part of it was frozen over […]

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2-15-19: Back to Mount Rainier area

N 46 45.4766 W 121 57.6497

Drove to Steptoe State Pk (Washington): the popular viewpoint for Palouse area photos. Had snow and ice on parts of the road; raining with sometimes reduced visibility. The park gate was locked at the entrance on the main road: I knew they had closed the road, but hoped I could get a least part way […]

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2-13-19: Into the Palouse

Weber Homestead

I was searching the web for an update on conditions near Mt Rainier, and found this: “SR 706 Both Directions – Closure on SR 706 both directions from milepost 0.0 near SR 7 (Mountain Hwy) in Elbe to milepost 13.6 near Mt Rainier National Park Gate beginning at 7:44 am on February 12, 2019 until […]

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2-12-19: Havoc in Morton

IMG_0560 e-mail

I drove some in the Lower Lewis R Falls area, getting as close as to the falls as I could. Was not able to find any good photos, so I turned back, went up I-5, then East toward Morton, hoping to get to Ashford and Mt Ranier NP. The skies are forecast to clear tonight, […]

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2-11-19: Fun in the Snow: Record Snowfall!


I’ve been in Lynnwood (Seattle area) since Friday evening (Feb 8). Not much to write about, but the national news had some interesting things to say: And this from the governor’s office: I had e-mailed a number of people on my Photo of the Day list a month before this trip, requesting prayer […]

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2-7-19: Cold Camping


Drove into Mt Rainier NP (natl park): the West entrance is the only access in winter. Was going to park where I did last year, above Narada Falls, and shoot Paradise Creek and area again, but the wide area I used for parking is now marked with several “No Parking” signs – it must be […]

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